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Custom Commands

You can extend the functionality provided by Ember CLI by creating new CLI commands. For example, if you wanted to enable developers to deploy an app from the command line with ember deploy, you could create an addon that includes a "deploy" command that the app can find.

To do this, in an addon's index.js file, add the includedCommands() function and return an object pointing to the command.

module.exports = {
  name: require('./package').name,

  includedCommands() {
    return {
      'deploy': {
        name: 'deploy',
        works: 'insideProject',
        description: 'Deploys the app to my production host!',
        availableOptions: [],

        run() {
          // deploy!

The API for this object is documented here.

By convention, addon authors will store commands in the lib/commands directory of the addon, and include them using require('./lib/commands'), but this is not necessary.

You can see additional examples of addons that implement custom commands, by searching for includedCommands in Ember Observer's code search!